Monday, April 16, 2007

Ouisie's Table

NoLaNative and I joined her buddy, CrabCakeLover, at Ouisie’s Table for brunch Saturday.

NoLaNative picked out the restaurant, a belated birthday gift to herself. I’d always been curious about Ouisie’s, but had never been there. It’s always seemed so River Oaksy for an everyday gal like myself. But we had a lovely time. Our late brunch in the bright, enclosed patio room was very relaxed. The service was pleasant and the bottomless mimosas the perfect ratio of OJ and champagne.

CrabCakeLover started with – surprise! – crab cakes while NoLaNative and I split a plate of cornmeal-crusted oysters. They were excellent, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and not a bit greasy. I could’ve eaten waaay more than two.

I’d heard the shrimp and grits – one of my favorite Southern dishes – are good here, but the moment my menu-scanning eyes landed on “seafood crepes,” I knew I had to get them. I’m a sucker for any kind of crepes. These were dressed with a bechamel sauce.

The crepes were nice enough, but they cried out for a little acid and kick; I should’ve request a lemon wedge and some cayenne. CrabCakeLover got a chicken dish, which didn’t excite me, seeing as I almost never order chicken (especially white meat!) anywhere except for Tapioca Express, where the pepper crispy popcorn chicken rocks. NoLaNative nabbed the shrimp and grits, which I regretted not ordering.

But that wisp of disappointment disappeared the minute I slipped a piece of tres leches cake in mouth. Oh. So. Good! (When I first tasted tres leches cake a long while ago, it was another one of those eye-opening, I’m-so-glad-I’m-in-Houston moments, right up there with boiled crawfish.) Though I had my doubts about ordering it at a very unLatin establishment, this cake was super moist and milky. No complaints. NoLaNative got the chocolate raspberry crème brulee – decent, but I’m all raspberried out since DessertFest2007 – and CrabCakeLover got the eggy house custard.

Ouisie’s, I’ll be back.

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