Monday, April 16, 2007

millie's belated birthday @ first crush

whoops forgot to finish writing this blog entry. it's been sitting around as a draft for awhile. sadly i've also forgotten the details of the delicious march 4th dinner. ironically i started the entry with a definition of "belated."

belated. adj. Having been delayed; done or sent too late: a belated birthday card. -
it's almost three weeks since my friend, colleague and former floridian roommate, millie celebrated her birthday. when i say belated, i just said "happy birthday, millie." a week ago, i called her to say, "i didn't show up for your birthday shindig. i'm taking you to dinner." first crush came to mind since we tried to go a few months ago but the restaurant was closed.

i originally heard of first crush from my friend christine. we were both bay area native kids, living in houston. one evening, we were talking about restaurants in san francisco. "have you eaten at first crush?" she asks. "it's the perfect date place. great french californian food. you must go." and her expression lights up. you have to go has never left my head. when i moved back to san francisco, i took a friend to try the place. i honestly can't remember what we ate. but i do recall we both were satisfied and very pleased by the meal. we both noted we have to come back.

millie was running late for our 7p reservations which gave me the chance to review their meal posted outside. their menu has change since the last time i dined there. the winter menu has heavier meatier-sounding items. she finally arrives looking like lois lane coming off an assignment.

after reviewing the menu, millie said "let's go with the small plates. and then we can share." i nodded. "mmm, the duck sounds good."

we ordered:
"crush" oysters — a cheese covered cooked oyster
trio of roasted squash — slices of squash and one of them was a spaghetti squash dressed over the others.
pan seared scallops — scallops with a pomegrante sauce.
tender duck confit phyllo

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