Monday, April 16, 2007

aeropress follow-up

this morning, i made a cup of coffee with my aeropress, following yesterday's formula. but this time i'm using my favorite organic/fair trade hazelnut blended coffee. this hazelnut blend is lighter in roast than yesterday's costco branded super dark french roast which isn't my favorite. wow... the aeropress hazelnut coffee tasted smooth, no hint of bitterness and clean. and this is better coffee than the french press. but the bean's oils which heavily characterizes a french pressed coffee is gone. the color was surprisingly dark yet clear (imagine tawny port wine). with my usual amount of milk and sugar... the coffee was even smoother — no harsh bitterness!

i don't have a solid conclusion of which is better. i need to conduct more comparisons with the aeropress and the french press. experimenting with coffee makers, how fun!

fact: the makers of the aeropress created the aerobie frisbee!

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MoNKeY said...

The one that you brought to the picnic when we had the salmon burgers! Yes, that is a fun frisbee.

You should bring the aeropress next time we have a get together to try out your favorite roast.