Monday, April 9, 2007

Frentel butter

I keep overeating.

I blame Frentel.

Frentel is a French butter that I grew up eating in America, thanks to my dad, who grew up eating it in Vietnam. It comes in a red can, which would last quite a while in our family fridge. I remember my father would put dabs of the addictive stuff on cooked veggies, in banh mi thit, even on some piping hot Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Everyday butter makes everything better, but Frentel is so, so much better still!

I hadn’t eaten it for years when I spied the familiar red can on a recent Asian grocery trip. I have been smearing it on everything imaginable since. Even Wheat Thins taste wonderful with a curl of Frentel. Instantly flavorful, this butter quickly coats the tongue and finishes a little salty. Food has become a mere a vehicle for my rediscovered love.

On Friday, in honor of retro dining and for an upcoming expose (ha!) on low-sodium soups, I slid a sliver of Frentel into a bowl of Campbell’s chunky chicken noodle -- Healthy Request, OK? (Alongside a poached egg, of course.) Mmm.

I only ate half a can, so guess what’s for dinner tonight?


cf said...

makes things yummy AND perfect for sun tanning!

MPS said...

On a recent trip to the local asian grocery I noticed this butter except that they had Frentel and Frandel in almost the exact same can the only difference being the Frandel didn't have that concave shaped bottom... Are they the same butter as in taste and texture, because the makers are the same. I'd like to buy, but the two of them are both quite expensive and want to know before buying... :)

quakenman said...

The Frentel butter can be found at the Lion City Super Market located at 471 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA (408)554-9398 at $7.49. Also at one of the largest Chinese grocery store on Clement Street in San Francisco at $6.99.
The trick is that the butter is displayed at the customer service counter where the Cal Lotto machine is, NOT on the shelves. Good luck. Jerry

Victor said...

I just bought the butter from the Lion City Supermarket today. However, in a hurry, without looking into the name sake, I actually bought the Beurdell brand in stead, for $7,99. They only carry one brand, but not the Frentel butter that people from Saigon grew up with.
I live in Boston, this is my vacation trip in San Jose, I was so glad that I found the Frentel butter, but not so soon, a mistake. It has the concave bottom and silver letters, not golden. I'll taste this Beurdell brand for now to give it a fair chance until I find it in the future.
Thanks to quakeman's comment from Frebruary 13, 2011. This will act as an update.