Monday, April 16, 2007

French Toast stuffed with roasted pears and cream cheese

CabbageLover treated me to a fantastic Sunday brunch of French toast stuffed with roasted pears and cream cheese. I topped each slab with Frentel butter while he drizzled on a ginger-infused maple syrup with a touch of apple juice. We also gobbled up some bacon, cantaloupe and berries.

Oh, yum!

CabbageLover, I said, this is delicious! A dish I would order at a restaurant. Would you be interested in guestblogging about your creation?

Well, no, he said, because then you couldn’t rave about my creation. So humble, no?

Anyway, he woke early Sunday to roast Asian and Anjou pears with vanilla and spices including cinnamon (he really wanted fresh peaches, but they weren’t in season). He cut thick pieces of French(?) bread, then butterflied each portion so he could smear cream cheese and tuck in the pear slices. (In full journalistic disclosure, this account is a recreation based on noteless reporting, as I was not privy to any of it firsthand.)

CabbageLover arrived at my pad with the bread already stuffed. He soaked each piece in an egg wash that included milk and half and half, then fried the bread in an oiled nonstick skillet. A beautiful golden brown crust developed. I ate two pieces Sunday. And another Monday.

CabbageLover, I said, what’s on the menu next week?!

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