Thursday, March 15, 2007

what i'm drinking: glenmorangie port wood

scotch? i like. port? i love. scotch port wood? i got really interested in this type of scotch for awhile after looking through a whiskey magazine. basically it's scotch aged in its final years in oak casks that once contained port wines. regular scotches are normally stored in used bourbon casks. yes, the scotch buy used american bourbon cask to make scotch. most port wood scotches are really expensive. glenmorangie is the less expensive maker of port wood scotch. i manage to pick up one for $42 from bevmo with my 5% off coupon. i pour some into my bourbon sniffer glass. the color of the scotch is golden amber, almost similar to a tawny port. i'm surprised the scotch didn't pick up more of the reddish port color which makes me really curious about what type of port wine casks they used. the nose was fruity and port-like. on the tongue, the scotch was smooth, slightly sweet and hints at the wine casks. glenmorangie generally makes very subtle scotches that doesn't overwhelm you. the finish had a soft simple spiciness. this scotch is best when mixed with water to cut the alcohol and to bring out the flavors. definitely something you would drink to close a dinner.

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awksedgreep said...

Swat I'm drinking too. This is my second bottle(tho not tonight) of Glenmorangie Port Finish.

What a fantastic scotch. I'm glad to see you enjoy it as well.

I think I'll try the sherry finish next, although I haven't heard as many good things.