Saturday, May 12, 2007

the lost art of burrito

it's still lost.

with a sudden grandma emergency (she fell down badly but she's doing well now), i found myself home alone at night instead of an extended family dinner. after a day of wandering through sfmoma in the morning, building a charcoal grill, fixing up my new bike and waiting for news from my parents... i'm was really hungry. i rummaged through the house for food but i couldn't find anything except for the food i was planning to grill for mother's day sunday. i decided to look around the neighborhood for dinner. i hopped onto my new bike and rolled out toward judah and 44th. i haven't eaten a burrito in a long time. and i was curious if beach burritos' burritos would satisfy my hunger.

beach burrito opened up within the past three years. it's nestled between a health food grocery store and an organic juice and ice cream shop. the burrito place offers a huge range of mexican foods — burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos — along with a la carte plates (in dinner sizes too) and breakfast. each menu items has a seafood and vegetarian version. this place is very vegetarian friendly: can you say tofu burrito?!

i opted for a take-out burrito special — choice of meat (i picked chicken), rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, and salsa. the burrito comes with a bag of chips. i also purchased an apple soda.

i get home and excited about trying the burrito. i unwrapped it while listening to warren buffet talking to charlie rose courtesy of my DVR. the first bite was... RICE? where's the beans? where's the gauc? where's the chicken?!

i definitely didn't like the tortilla which was soggy. so i torn apart my burrito with a fork to eat the insides:
the rice — dry.
the gauc — bland.
the beans — beany average.
the chicken — dry. bland. average. and lacks seasoning.
the overall — cardboardy!!!

this burrito is amazingly disrespectful to all things mexican! i got so bored with its taste i tossed half of it away. sigh. i wonder what kind of burrito warren buffet would eat...


Janel l'a dit... said...

This is such a sad story... :-(

I hope you have better burritos in the future. Personally, I haven't had too many good ones recently, so I now shy away from them... But when I have a craving, it's tough finding one that actually satisfies it.

You should check out

It's a work of art, burrito style... well actually it's a site dedicated to rating burritos in SF.... It's a great resource, that's for sure.

MoNKeY said...

Hmm. That is sad indeed. But this place doesn't sound authentic. I mean, tofu burrito? Come on.

If you're ever in the Mission District and you're feeling for a great burrito, I highly recommend El Farolito on Mission and 24th Street. The Burritoeater didn't say much about their food but I got my recommendation from the once SF Chronicle food critic Bill Addison. Check out his article titled In search of the transcendent taqueria at:
(Sorry for the long link. I couldn't find the hyperlink option.)

Their carnitas is so juicy and full of flavor, my favorite. They also use fresh avocados as opposed to pre-made guacamole. I've also tried their carne asada but I felt that it was too dry. I missed having the juiciness of the carnitas.